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Systems Development Methods For Databases, Enterprise Modeling, And Workflow Management

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This book is a result of the ISD'99, Eight International Conference on Infonnation Systems Development-Methods and Tools, Theory, and Practice held August 11-13, 1999 in Boise, Idaho, USA. The purpose of this conference was to address the issues facing academia and industry when specifying, developing, managing, and improving infonnation systems. ISD'99 consisted not only of the technical program represented in these Proceedings, but also of plenary sessions on product support and content management systems for the Internet environment, workshop on a new paradigm for successful acquisition of infonnation systems, and a panel discussion on current pedagogical issues in systems analysis and design. The selection of papers for ISD'99 was carried out by the International Program Committee. Papers presented during the conference and printed in this volume have been selected from submissions after fonnal double-blind reviewing process and have been revised by their authors based on the recommendations of reviewers. Papers were judged according to their originality, relevance, and presentation quality. All papers were judged purely on their own merits, independently of other submissions. We would like to thank the authors of papers accepted for ISD'99 who all made gallant efforts to provide us with electronic copies of their manuscripts confonning to common guidelines. We thank them for thoughtfully responding to reviewers comments and carefully preparing their final contributions. We thank Daryl Jones, provost of Boise State University and William Lathen, dean, College of Business and Economics, for their support and encouragement.

Spatial Database For Gps Wildlife Tracking Data

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This book guides animal ecologists, biologists and wildlife and data managers through a step-by-step procedure to build their own advanced software platforms to manage and process wildlife tracking data. This unique, problem-solving-oriented guide focuses on how to extract the most from GPS animal tracking data, while preventing error propagation and optimizing analysis performance. Based on the open source PostgreSQL/PostGIS spatial database, the software platform will allow researchers and managers to integrate and harmonize GPS tracking data together with animal characteristics, environmental data sets, including remote sensing image time series, and other bio-logged data, such as acceleration data. Moreover, the book shows how the powerful R statistical environment can be integrated into the software platform, either connecting the database with R, or embedding the same tools in the database through the PostgreSQL extension Pl/R. The client/server architecture allows users to remotely connect a number of software applications that can be used as a database front end, including GIS software and WebGIS. Each chapter offers a real-world data management and processing problem that is discussed in its biological context; solutions are proposed and exemplified through ad hoc SQL code, progressively exploring the potential of spatial database functions applied to the respective wildlife tracking case. Finally, wildlife tracking management issues are discussed in the increasingly widespread framework of collaborative science and data sharing. GPS animal telemetry data from a real study, freely available online, are used to demonstrate the proposed examples. This book is also suitable for undergraduate and graduate students, if accompanied by the basics of databases.

Alfred's Basic Piano Library Recital Book, Bk 1a

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The Recital Books congratulate students for a job well done by providing correlated repertoire to their Lesson Books that are based on concepts they've already learned. As a result, the pieces are quickly mastered. Included in Recital 1A are familiar favorites such as "Lost My Partner" and "Tumbalalaika," and fun originals like "Charlie the Chimp!" and "My Secret Place."


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