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Managing Employee Rights And Responsibilities

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A companion to the editor's previous volume, Communicating Employee Responsibilities and Rights, this book summarizes the current state of knowledge in the area of employee responsibilities and rights and points to future directions for research and practice. The contributors examine the theory behind employee rights and responsibilities and suggest the need for a shift from discipline-specific orientations to the development of an interdisciplinary paradigm. They emphasize the need to look at rights and responsibilities issues from a broad management context and examine the management of the various issues in modern organizations. Detailed case studies of programs that have worked well, short case examples, court decisions, and quantified data document specific ideas throughout the book. The book is divided into four sections, beginning with two introductory essays. Three chapters follow that address legal issues such as legislation to protect against unjust discharge, the current status of wrongful dismissal legislation, and trends in Title VII discrimination legal theories. In the next seven chapters that address human resources and management education perspectives, the contributors treat topics involving positive discipline, internal mechanisms for resolving employee complaints, the ombudsman model of managing employee rights, whistleblowing, and the responsibilities of management education to help fulfill the rights of students and future business leaders. The concluding section contains two chapters and examines whether employee rights strategies are desired or required and develops a social constructionist and political economic perspective of employee rights. Taken together, these chapters offer the most comprehensive exposition of this complex subject available to date.

Performance Management For Different Employee Groups

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Manage managers based on competencies and informal networks - Set task-based output goals for professional specialists - Control temporary workers at the agency level - Ensure that contractors are managed effectively as part of boundary-crossing networks.

This book provides a framework of analysis to capture and explain differences in employment systems. Taking account of the wealth of research in the field, it provides a sound basis for developing function-specific performance management systems, integrating aspects such as incentivization, multi-source appraisal, and accountability.

From macro to micro approaches of HRM, the contents will be of value to researchers on employment systems, strategic HRM, and occupational psychology and to practitioners of HRM and organizational development.

Achim Krausert has been a consultant in the performance management group of Accenture, U.K. He obtained his D.B.A. from the University of Mannheim, Germany, and an M.Sc. and a B.Sc. from the London School of Economics.

Navigating The Best Attributes Of A Successful Employee Retirement Program

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Attracting the right employees is vital to business success. The right employee retirement plan can provide you with an attractive addition to any benefits package an employer might offer, attracting and retaining top talent. Don't overlook this powerful incentive just because employment plans appear complex. Following the right steps, it's easy to navigate all the options and requirements, building the perfect plan for your company and for the employees you most want to attract and properly reward for loyal service. The correct steps, finally, are available in Navigating the Best Attributes of a Successful Employer Retirement Program, a concise, insightful guide to selecting, implementing and maintaining the most popular employee retirement plans today. Peter Marriott, author of Navigating the Best Attributes of a Successful Employer Retirement Program, has more than 17 years of experience as a fiduciary advisor, consulting employers in designing and managing qualified retirement plans to match their needs and goals. Pete acts as a liaison for employers with their retirement plans, coordinating all aspects and providers, specializing in 401(k), 403(b) and 457 businesses. His expertise and commitment to detail enable the employers he represents to focus on running their businesses and still offer their employees incentives they can rely on. Pete's experience working directly with some of the industry's leading providers, banks and third-party administrators allows him to consistently keep his clients' best interests always front and center. Navigating the Best Attributes of a Successful Employer Retirement Program brings Pete's vision and knowledge in direct focus for you.


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