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Taxing Soda For Public Health 2016

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This timely reference analyzes the rationale, impact, and feasibility of taxation of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) as a public health measure to contribute curbing obesity and diabetes rates, specifically in Canada. It presents the pros and cons of taxing soda, with latest data on adverse health effects of its consumption, plus the various business and political issues surrounding the contentious proposition. Research is multidisciplinary, spanning health and medicine to ethics, economics, and law, as well as clear conclusions and caveats, all presented at a comfort level for the general reader. The result is a blueprint for analyzing the relevancy of taxes on sweetened soft drinks or other low-nutrition food products, plus a trove of valuable insights into aspects of government decision-making and consumer food behavior.

Included in the coverage:

· Reasons for specifically targeting sugar-sweetened beverages.

· SSB taxation as a public health policy instrument.

· Effects of SSB taxation on energy intakes and population health.

· Potential undesirable effects relating to SSB taxation.

· Social and political acceptability of SSB taxation.

· Evaluability of SSB taxation.

Taxing Soda for Public Health will interest policymakers, public health professionals, advocacy groups and researchers at the Canadian and international levels (e.g., in areas such as public health, nutrition, food and health policies, health economics, and evaluation), students, and all other parties interested in nutrition policies.


Taxation For Universities And Colleges

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The "Tax Translator" offers much needed advice and guidance on tax compliance for institutions of higher learning

College and university officials often are unaware of their institutions' tax obligations. Especially for institutions without designated tax compliance officers, the consequences of such ignorance can devastating. Based on its author's decades of experiences as a tax manager at three universities, this handbook was written for all university staff involved with tax compliance?from the account clerk in the Accounts Payable Department, up through vice presidents, controllers, treasurers and directors. Steve Hoffman explains the core principles and practices that inform current tax policy and develops a framework for building a system for effective tax compliance, reporting and filing.

  • Satisfies the urgent demand for timely, authoritative advice and guidance on a area of increasing concern for colleges and universities
  • Sheds new light on the impact of current tax obligations for both four-year and community colleges, which are often left out of the discussion
  • The Federal Government has recently stepped up its enforcement of tax law compliance for colleges and universities

Federal Tax Research

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FEDERAL TAX RESEARCH, 11E provides unparalleled hands-on tax research training and practice you need using the latest versions of the most widely used online tax research tools, such as Thomson Reuters Checkpoint, CCH IntelliConnect, and BNA Bloomberg. CPA candidates, in particular, benefit from the coverage of professional and legal responsibilities and ethics as well as the federal tax process. This edition focuses on key research skills, critical problem-solving skills and the communication skills most important for today's workplace.


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